Jar Return

Sustainability is paramount for J.P. Waxington. We are dedicated to reduce as much waste as possible to make a positive environmental impact. From our wicks, our wax, our packaging and beyond. It is our goal to ensure our business practices are as sustainable as possible.

That is why we are happy to announce our new Jar Return Program!

Local pickup and delivery customers will now be able to return your J.P. Waxington Candle Co jars from past orders and receive discounts of future candle purchases.

When you return your used candle jars, you will get $2.00 off per jar which can be used for a future order. Simply leave them out for us to pickup when we are delivering your next order. No need to clean out the wax. We will do that for you.

Don't worry if there is wax left over in your jar when you return your jar. We will clean them and get them ready for their new owner.