Our Story

Hi, my name is April and I love all things crafty. I am always trying my hand at various projects. I love creating gifts for family and friends, from homemade rugs to tables, t-shirts and mugs, toques, and so much more. I am always "making." 

In 2018, I met my husband Chad, a C.F. military veteran. We discovered that we both shared a passion for creativity and making things for our friends and family. Chad shared his love for candle-making with me; he had been playing with wax for almost 15 years before we met. 

At the end of his military career, Chad had and still struggles with both depression and physical injuries. He used candles to help him cope with his bad days and found that they played an essential role in his daily healing. We decided to share our combined passions with others and founded the J.P. Waxington Candle Company. 

We believe that fragrance is an extension of nature and our memories of our experiences and surroundings, so we attempted to create scents that would trigger those moments. We both grew up in the Ottawa Valley, myself in Pembroke and Chad in Barry’s Bay. We both moved away for a few years but made our way back to this fantastic area surrounded by rushing water and sprawling forests. Our company inspiration is our hometowns and our love for camping and being outdoors.

Our entire collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free. All of our candles are made with 100% North American soy wax, and each of our candles is wicked, poured, and labelled by hand. We design our candles to compliment your space and not overpower it. 

We feel very grateful to be fulfilling this simple perfect dream and sharing it with those around us that also find beauty in the simple things.

Thanks for being a part of this story with us. We love hearing all of your stories as you share the memories our candles evoke within you.